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Methodically Candid:
The public sphere of perceived productivity (2002 - 2003)

Methodically Candid #1, 2002
16 x 20 inches
steel, plastic, electro-luminescence, light, 35mm film strips, quartz-heater tubes

Methodically Candid #1 detail
Once viewer walks past all seven hanging film strips, they encounter 9000 BTUs of heat from four glowing hot quartz-tubes. Performance photography taken by, Ri Anderson, 2002 NYC
Methodically Candid #2, 2002
60 x 28 x 11 inches
glass, steel, plastic, electro-luminescence, light, 220 film strips, heater
Methodically Candid #2, 2002
16 x 20 inches
Performance photography taken by, Rob Thurlow, 2002 NYC
Methodically Candid #2, 2002
C-Print 16 x 20 inches
Images are of the artist running in business attire with gray theatrical makeup on his face and hands.
Methodically Candid #2, 2002
C-Print 11 x 14 inches
The glass tube spins (electric motor driven), initiated by a motion proximity sensor. A heater warms the body of the onlooker.
Methodically Candid #3, 2002
13 x 35 x 3 inches
stainless steel, electro-luminescence, duratrans, clips, light
electro-luminescence: is a flat light source that is paper thin, and emits light evenly thoughout the image.
Methodically Candid #4, 2002
home air filter, fan, glass, 120 film transparencies, dress shirts, heater
This artwork hangs from the ceiling, with five shirts on hangers. Images in the tube are photographs of the artist running wearing gray theatrical makeup.
detail from Methodically Candid #4, 2002
Images present a five-day work week shown with ten rolls of film. Each two film segments presents one day, showing the artist running back and forth to and from work, on opposite sides of the street.
Performance photography taken by Ri Anderson, 2002 NYC.
Methodically Candid #5, 2002
15 x 20 x 3 inches
medical absorbent blanket, hand towel, stainless steel rod, 11 x 14 inch Cibachrome framed.
Performance photography taken by, Rob Thurow, 2002 NYC

Methodically Candid is a body of work within the tradition of multidisciplinary fine art & documentary performance that depicts the persona of a workaholic.  Dressed by protocol in an office worker’s uniform, I wear gray theatrical makeup on both my face and hands to convey the loss of self and disconnect from emotions. All compositions (originally derived from still film transparencies) track the character as he blitzes through a typical workday.  I discuss technology’s influence on our lives by representing myself in a hyper-efficient state of constant motion.

Methodically Candid summarizes a contemporary day by exploring the emotional and physical demands that are experienced in our pursuit for success.  The work in this series conveys the trajectory of motion, information, and exhaustion.

©2009 Eric Starosielski

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